AP Calculus

These are the notes for AP Calculus at Hutch Tech.  They will only be available at the beginning of each chapter.  Files will be made available when needed.  These files are Adobe Acrobat Documents that can be read by Adobe Acrobat Reader.  To download the document, point and click on the link.  
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Chapter 1 Notes  
Chapter 2 Notes  
Chapter 2 Review Sheet (Things to Know)  
Chapter 3 Notes (Filled in)  
Chapter 4 Notes (Filled in)  
Chapter 5 Notes - Filled in  
Chapter 6 Notes  
Chapter 7 Notes (up to current)  
Chapter 8 Notes (L'Hopital's Rule)  
Derivative Formula Quiz  
Formula Sheet: Volume, Area, Surface Area  
Graph Paper  
Improper Integrals & Partial Fractions Notes  
Indefinite Integrals (Antiderivatives) Table (Ones to know)  
Integration by Parts Notes  
Integration Overview  
My 2016 AP Calc Review Book  
Review for AP Calculus  
Review Sheets for each major topic in AP Calc  
TI-84 Plus SE ROM Zipfile (Extract myrom.dat)  
Trig Formula Quiz (Blank)  
Trig/Logs Reference Sheet  


Program Description
BSLOPE This program will create slope fields on your grapher (TI 83+). Download and use TI CONNECT to install.  (Chapter 6)



This program will emulate a TI-84 Plus Calculator on a PC.  For Mac Users click here to download


Review Websites: Click on the title of the site

Regents Exam Site

old exams in all subjects are available here

AP Calculus (AB)

old Free Response questions from 2001 - present

also: The AP Calculus catalog (PDF file) which contains sample multiple choice questions